Archie – draft

25 05 1990

When Archie jumped off the roof, he took his entire life with him. His friends and family’s distress too followed him.

They wondered what made him do it? Secretly some knew but would never tell. Too precious a truth to let go.

The truth was sordid, dirty and shameful. But it defined him, made him who he was. Those who saw his last moments, the look on his face would’ve had pity in their eyes, no matter what their opinions of him.

So what was it? The truth was kept locked up, hidden and secret.

His sister, knew, but by the time they found out, people had forgotten why they cared. Their hearts were on some other poor victim of societies grudges.

So it was a secret still because no one wanted to know.

“Play that guitar Archie, sing your little heart out. Play for all the people like you , feel what you feel, as outcast as you. Hold the emotions in your heart and let it out through your voice”. The last words his manager said to him, that day. Over a bacon sandwich he felt archies pain. Read it in his lyrics, saw it in his eyes. Never thought he would do what he did though.

“Archie was always a broken man” he told the officers who came to see him. “Issues on top of issues” his pop-psychology major had told him.

The policeman nodded like he’d heard this before, like he knew the poor boy. Whilst they looked around the office Archie followed them with his eyes, like pictures do. His stood on the filiing cabinet in the corner of the room. The office opened drawers like they belonged to him and found nothing. Archie had hidden it all.

Some hours later they found the next legacy of Archies death. His manager, dying at the hilt of someone’s knife.



One response

26 05 2006

Wow! That was depressing…but very well written. I’m assuming that you are going to have another chapter of it or are you just going to leave it at that? It’s sad to think that someone could commit suicide and no one really care to find out why.

Hope everything is going alright in your life. Love, Lyn

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