Fuelled by desire

24 08 1990

From time to time I get restless, need a new challenge, get itchy feet some might say. That time is coming around again. I have some choices to make and will be making them very soon. For now, in a restless mood I created this poem. I hope you like it and that it touches something inside you.
Fuelled by desire

It’s freedom I want, I just want to run,
I want to be somewhere adorned by the sun.
Is it fear or destiny hate anger or greed,
or a lust for adventure, my will to be freed.

I want freedom and liberty, adventure and fun,
to be happy belong, be all I can become.

The sunlight on my body the breeze on my clothes,
the feel of the rain the touch of the snows.
The wind in the trees the lightning’s sharp sound,
the sounds of horses speeding fast over ground.

The touch of another punctuated by smiles,
the faces that frown I slap and meanwhile,
the simplicity of laughter the lust for a chase
with the thrill of adventure and life mapped out in haste.

I know I’ll survive when it all comes around
its what I want so I know it, I feel it, I’ve found
a piece of me hidden, wrapped up in old clothes
reopened like Christmas it’s gold and it glows.
Like a light in the darkness kept hidden and safe
awaiting a circumstance to be revealed and put in place

Soon to be fashioned in modern ways you see,
not long now and all will be, me.

As always, comments are welcome and most appreciated. Thanks.