Does my personality suck?

29 10 2004

Someone close to me asked…does my personality suck?

Here’s what i said…..i hope it is a help to someone.


Unfortunately the hardest way but definately the best way, is to work out for yourself if your personality sucks. For example, everytime someone laughs at your jokes or smiles at something you say: take note, remember that means your personality is great.

BUT remember though that everytime it looks like

a) someone doesnt want to talk to you

b) they ask if they can speak to you later

c) don’t smile at your jokes

d) they are horrible to you

It doesn’t mean that they think your personality sucks, their thoughts are just somewhere else. They may be angry at themselves or a situation they are in and they take it out on you, however that has nothing to do with the way they think about you. In fact it has nothing to do with you full stop. What they are thinking about you, about life, about their neighbours cat is their business. It’s nothing you can change anyhow, so why bother worrying over it??

Remember…we always hurt worst, the ones we love .





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