"Dad, I’m a wimp"

12 11 2004

A young son says to his dad, “Dad i am a wimp”.

The father looks at him with loving, knowing eyes and says,

“Son you’re not a wimp”

“But i am daddy, all the boys at school tell me so ‘cos i don’t join in all their games.”

“Son”, the father says, “you’re not a wimp, you just havent found your strength yet. I can see it, i can see you are a strong and powerfull man, you just havent seen it yet” and he smiles.

“But dad, all the other boys are so strong and tough, i want what they have”.

“You know, you have something very important that they DONT have”.

“Whats that”

“Inner strength, love and compassion”.


“If someone’s hurt would you go and help?”


“Do you think they would….let me answere this…..maybe, maybe not. Right? What you have is more important, you just haven’t seen it yet”.

“What do you mean dad, when you say that you haven’t ‘seen’ it yet?”

The father replies in kind, knowing that a straight answer would’nt let his son truly learn this lesson. “What do you think life would be like if we were made perfect?” he says.

“Great! we would all be friends. we would be able to do anything we wanted”.

“Nice thought, but, that way life would be so boring. it would be terrible. All shopping at the same stores, buying the same clothes because we all know what we look good in, all eating the same food, because we know exactly what we need, all driving the same cars. Alll playing the same computer games, always the same one because it would be perfect…”


“If we’re not all the same, not all perfect, it’s is so much more interesting and fun”.


“This way we get to find out things, to discover, explore ourselves, feel great when we do something we never thought we could, be better than we are now. Improve, invent, help, encourage, grow, expand…”

“All right dad! I’m still not sure wht you mean though?”

“Well imagine if Johhny, your best friend, were to fall down and hurt himself, what would you do?”

“I’d help him”.

“After you’d helped him, did you feel happy that you could help”.

“not sure…”

“Ok, look at it the other way. If he fell down and hurt himself, and you weren’t able to get to him to help and you could see he was hurting, would you feel sad?”

“Yes, very”.

“So SUDDENLY you were able to help him, and you did, what would you feel”.

“Great, thankful, good”.

“Exactly. If were were all perfect we could help ourselves, and we would never need to halp anyone else…we would never be able to feel that great feeling of being able to help someone. That’s just one example son” the dad pauses “Are you getting what i mean?”

“Hmm, kind’ve”.

“When you look at some movie stars on the tv going to one of their films, what do you think of them?”

“Well they look like they are having a good time”.

“Yes, they do don’t they. Do you KNOW they are having a good time”.

“Yeah, they are smiling holding hands maybe, chatting, looking happy”.

“Yep, looking happy, but inside, in here..” the father puts his hand to his chest, “..are they?

“Don’t know dad”.


“What are you trying to say Dad?”

“That they are in exactly the same situation as you, but a little bit older…….They may look like they are happy, people are talking about them everywhere and they are successful and rich maybe, but what’s that got to do with it, if they are not happy…..they are just like you”.

The father continues..

“What i am trying to say is that you are no better, or worse than anybody else. Just different.

So whenever you see those boys in the playground, realise that you are not like THEM, you are YOU and YOU are brilliant at being whoever YOU are. If you were like them , you would have to learn to be brilliant, like my son over there, standing on the sidelines looking and not joining in because he knows that’s not what he wants to do. Learn about your brilliance and you will be happier and shine more than any of them”.

“Ok dad.”




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