Food Cravings (work in progress)

15 11 2004

In my experience food cravings can occur for a number of reasons and people are led to consume pretty particular foodstuffs.

Food wanted


Those foodstuffs tend to be Sugar, Wheat, Chocolate, Alcohol and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

(notice that none of these are really healthy foods….does anyone you know crave salad?)

The Culprits of cravings


dietry imbalance

spiritual un-fulfillment

emotional unease

creative repression



I will be dealing here with the last two on the list: Creative repression and Emotional Unease

We all have an energy flowing through us, when we are happy and life is effortless all is good, but as soon as we try to stop something happening due to fear (our own personal expansion, some work we need to do or creating something like art or writing) we can experience a nervous, out of control feeling. We want to shut down the strong flow of energy and instead of being fearful regain control. For some people food is a way to block this feeling.

Eating sugar or fats and certian carbohydrates may leave them feeling dulled, hung over, unable to focus – blurry. They use food to block energy and change. As the nervy feeling comes over them that they are going too fast and into who knows what, they reach for fo0d. A big bowl of ice cream, an evening of junk food and their system clogs; What was i thinking? What….oh nevermind….

The mmoment a creative, fearful or challenging thought raises its head it is lopped off by the craving…this blocks fear and prevents risk.

So which is your block?


Line up the possibilities.. Which one makes you angry to ever think about giving up? ……………………………..Well?

That explosive one is the one that has caused you the most derailment. Examine it…….

Is it sabotaging your growth?

Ask yourself this question also…Am i eating/drinking this to numb the worry of my inner emptyness?

What do you do to help?


Recognise what is happening within you before the cravings strike.

1) Begin to notice what you are thinking and where you were going (metorapholically) before you got that feeling of needing that foodstuff? Was it that you began to worry (in the tinyest of ways) about for example: University, the painting you need to complete, the friend you need to phone, your meeting new people tonight perhaps you are worried about going out in a large group of people in a loud environment that evening and satisfying your craving helps to numb that pain?

Take note: More than likely the thought that creates this cravnig is deelpy buried and may take sometime to come into your concious…keep noticing in what situation the craving arrives, you will find an answer.

2) Emotional. What are you feeling before the craving takes hold?

DIfferent foodstuffs will repress different emotional states (**)

Is there a trend?

For example, before you get a cravging for sugar, do you feel a sense of emptyness or fear. Perhaps before you crave chocolate you have a sense of being blocked, not being able to do what you feel you have to, anger, not knowing what to do to get over that?

Satisfying the craving lets all that subside.

Take mental or actual notes of all of this to see if there are trends.

Then Realise that this is happening and Understand that YOU are creating all this, noone else.


The Artist Way, Julia Cameron.

Food and healing, Annemarie Colbin.



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