Life from another viewpoint

14 05 2006

Its so interesting, seeing my life from anothers viewpoint. Especially when it is a good friend who is a trainee psychologist/counsellor (you can still do it M, volunteer! )

I took a fresh look at my life from what she said and realised some interesting truths. I AM hiding away somewhat, i am scared and hold that fear inside. Scared of what people say about me, scared of what others think. No it may not seem like it but it’s there. I want SO much but am not going for it. I want to go the US but dont want to go there just to do crappy 5 pound and hours jobs. I came back from canada with the ideal of finding a job/work/career that inspires me, something i could go to Canada (/West Coast US) WITH. I came back wanting to find myself in this country, close to family and friends. I want to restart this journey.

Is this a good way to do it do you think? Might i just as well find some way to get out to the US and do what i am doing here, over there. The culture is so much more agreeable to me out there, here the british reserve affects me and i hold myself in, away from the world. Perhaps i would be better off over there?

So i have started to see a personal coach and have just got in contact with a psychotherapist to help myself see past these issues and give me a leg up no creating a life i enjoy and feel part of.



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