Wise and childish

5 06 2006

Sometimes i feel like a wise person directing a child. I am a person who knows much, but fears much also. During these wise times, I direct myself with calmness and order. Then normal life resumes and i behave differently, behave as if programmed.

When i feel wise i feel enlightened and I have felt this many times in my life. They have occured sitting on mountaintops, watching films which touch me, in quiet meditatation or yoga sessions and when i am in touch with my true nature. That is to say when i am calm relaxed and listening to my feelings. People and situations intrude upon this inner stillness.

This stillness is one of my most treasured possesions and one of the things i most admire in myself for having found.

You know the moments in your life you will never forget? Some of mine are described above. What are they for you?
They maybe at a time when you have gained an insight, felt an emotion, done something special, done something which you never thought you could; achieved. Mine are attached with a visual memory of that moment. But they all come down to one thing, an emotional experience. Tending to be the emotion of honor, of love, of respect, of friendship.

To find this you need to be alone, alone with yourself, feel detached from ‘normal’ life, away from the mass of people. Go up a mountain, head into a canyon, watch films which teach you emotion, surf, lie on a secluded beach and watch the sky.

The child is what this life is developing, your inner child, your scared, troubled inned child.
Enlightenment and insight are your wise person.



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9 06 2006

This is an AWESOME photo!

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