Underground art show, Bristol

11 06 2006

A friend invited me to an underground art exhibition just south of the river in Bristol. Squatters had entered a unused warehouse about the size of a five-a-side footy pitch and created a creative exhibition. Travellers, hippies, dreadlocked friendly types brought along their own distinctive brand of street art. Graffiti murals, photographs, iron sculpture or just a pile of carefully arranged plastic tyres and bottles on the floor. The displays were wide ranging.

Possibly the most intriguing was Lisa’s. She had brought along a small van’s worth of things picked up over the years and created a small space, lit with tea lights in a dark corner of the warehouse. She called this space her garden. A deck chair and some wood provided the seating. Contemplative messages were written on everyday objects, like street cones, drift wood or board, pot plants gave some greenery and people were invited to come into this space to relax. It was suprisingly calming, just a few people in this small area surrounded by old bits of stuff most with meanings.

The atmosphere on the first night was one of activity and for me at least, wonder. People setting up their little sections of work and waiting for others to arrive, sitting on old sofa’s eating home made curry and drinking cider. Some had brought their kids along who were jetting around the site on push-scooters, superman capes flying out behind them. Thinking about it though, ‘brought their kids along’ is probably an incorrect description, most likely their kids are always with them with this being a part of their travelling lifestyle.

I went back there on the last night, had missed the old clothes fashion show. Catching the end of the event it all felt different, over, not new, done. People were milling about chatty but they were smoking a creatives post-coital cigarette. Energies used and enjoyed.

First photo taken during the running of a home made film , rear projected onto cloth.




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11 06 2006
Fuck You Google

Andy, sweet blog bro!

I’m glad I found you.

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