‘Making’ the perfect job

12 06 2006

The other week i was thinking, that I have been searching for a perfect job for 5 years now…..

and then it struck me,

What if it’s about making the perfect job?

A light went on inside my head (and i resolved to write this down – you are reading the results of this).

Searching for my perfect job, searching for my perfect job, searching. Am i relying on other’s versions of a job, others who value money over the happyness of an employee in a role? Am i really ever going to be happy with someone elses definition of a job.

– ‘Searching’ suggests that something is missing

– ‘Searching’ is a word coming from a sense of lack – of moving – looking for a better place than i am at right now

– ‘Searching’, searching for a role someone else defines for you.

Wouldn’t I rather work for something I define?



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