Who are your earliest influenc-ers?

22 07 2006

I dont remember too many happy times at school. Now thats not to say that it was a solely unhappy part of my life and perhaps i only remember the frustrated hard times but when your teachers hit you for doing something you didnt realise was an innapropriate thing to do, it’s going to confuse things a bit.

These days I read books that tell you the parents are the cause of your adult issues, i read books that tell you that you chose the parents you were born to, before you were born (now WHO’s fault is that again? 🙂 ) but lets think about this, has anyone thought about teachers?

Teachers man, they have potential to change you, to build you up or break you. You spend the first 5 years of your life being told what not to do, how to act and how not to, by your parents. And the rest of your 18 years before you leave school, half your day is split with the teachers half with the parents. For the sake of me trying to convince you that i’m right, ignore holidays. Thats 13 of your most important years you spent half the time with teachers. Thus implying that teachers have an equal effect on your upbringing as your parents!

I wasn’t exactly a model child when young. The phrases i remember teachers saying to me the most was “How DARE you do that..” and when i said sorry “I should think so too…” OOOOH that made my blood boil, i dont like apologising to this day. I knew even then that they were insecure power needing idiots. I guess there were nice teachers, but i dont remember them like that. I do remember being quite bored at school, sitting down all the time, listening to stories and writing, i guess i must’ve done these ‘bad’ things to keep it interesting for me. So much so that the headmaster’s/mistress’ office became a second home.

Listening to myself at work I can still see that little guy coming out. Working with kids all day means i can have fun and not sit down in an office (aka school) having people tell me what to do and i can be sarchastic to adults just to get them to smile for the camera, thus taking out my with-adult childhood frustrations vicariously on them. This tells me alot about why i am doing this job 🙂

Teachers…….already i’m done for, and we havent even touched on school friends…..!



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27 07 2006

I agree with you Andy, Its funny though, the older I get the more I have come to realise what a massive wasted opportunity school was, I should be able to look back on it now and say there was one teacher I could fondly recall inspired me to achieve my maximum potential but sadly there wasn’t, what I do remember is sea of negativity most of the time, I suppose I could put this down to the fact I have academically always been pretty average, not sporty in any way and generally stayed out of trouble

One incident springs to mind when I was trying to help a friend with some algebra, it was supposed to be a quiet study period, all my friend needed was a couple of pointers to get him started, as I whispered to him what he needed to do to solve the problem a teacher walked up (with at least 20 years experience) and asked me what we were talking about, so I told her “helping my friend with a maths problem” to which she replied in her loudest voice so everybody could hear “Tony, considering what your probably going to get as a mark in your GCSE, I don’t think you should be helping anybody, do you?” to which I replied “I know the answer” and because I didn’t give the appropriate response she responded even louder “Don’t answer back, this is a quiet study period now stop being disruptive” That was a humiliating response, some people sniggered, I was totally de-motivated. I did get a C in the end, probably so I could prove her wrong (not the right reason to do well in anything in life, in my opinion), the highest mark I could get, so quite frankly for all her “experience”, what the fuck did she know.

So, in short, I couldn’t wait for the torture to end.

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