I am published!

31 07 2006

My very first published work šŸ™‚ The Big Issue are keen to help out novice writers and i chose to review a childrens book . (on Page 28 if you happen to have the July 31- August 6 Southwest Issue)


I am exploring the potential of writing to gain income. Its a slow process discovering what type of writing i wish to do. Travel is certianly something which has come up, as well as self-help work. Will let you know when there are updates.

Thanks for reading and hey….comments welcome.




3 responses

1 08 2006
Lynda Nunez

Hey, way to go Andy. I hope you can start writing and getting published. It’s a worthy profession and can bring in loads of money. What about being a photo journalist? That was my aspiration when I first started at university. I wanted to travel to the war zones and get published. Anyway, good luck. Your article was brilliant.

1 08 2006

I think you should do some articles for Playboy, then i’d have a good excuse to buy a copy šŸ™‚

29 08 2006

Hey Andy, Nice one buddy. I’m really happy for you. I remember discussing what we wanted to do ‘when we grew up’ when we both lived in Auckland. I’m glad at least one of us resisted the suck of the machine!

Chris McC

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