Websites of the Month

22 11 2006

November so far….
*Moo Business Card’s, using flickr, these are great!
Moo Cards
*For MAC users….Cut down the page loading times in SAFARI…
and more! (I use it, it’s simple and it works)
Safari Speed

From October
*Crumpler Record, Laptop and other bags…..nutters!
Crumpler bags

*Want a customised and creative laptop bag solution?
Great site and they have an inovative bag design tool, take a peek.
Freitag record bags

* The Shins, a great sounding indie band from the US
The Shins

* This creative team dropped 4 mac minis into the back of a new
golf with some mini cameras. They set themselves up as a free
cab service.And recorded the rides!!
Gypsy Cab Mac Project

Kinda cool 🙂