Pete Doherty

4 12 2006

As kids we remove ourselves from the world by immersing ourselves in animated movies, kids play (cowboys and indians and the like) basically removing ourselves from a life that is full of nothing, boredom and self reflection.

What make us believe that as adults we are any different?

As adults we have used up all the simple forms of distraction, used them up and thrown them away.
So we naturally move to activities which are more involving. That and the fact we have much more in our lives to get frustrated about, drives us to them.

Most people’s are nights out with friends – drinking and movies , parties and restaurants.
For people who still feel that is boring for people who dont feel they fit in, or don’t WANT to fit in with what everyone else is doing (and I class myself in this category)….what do they do?

Drugs is one. Watching pete tonight in his documentary was like seeing an old friend. one who is so connected somewhere else , being here is so confusing and painful.

Finding something to remove you from all that is like returning to a spiritual home. Your home, an internal sense of freedom, of ease, of contentment, of peace.

To everyone else you look messed up but that’s what you show to the world, inside you are quiet and humble, hopeful and placated – rested.

Coming to, hurts and reminds. Coming to makes you want to go back ‘home’.

Being ‘away’ releases the unusual – the free, the spirit. Everyone else is repressed but you. Everyone else was grey, a straight line, normal- the same – elsewhere.

You were special – unique, within yourself – whole and happy.

To everyone else you look messed up, inside you are you.

The dichotomy kills – needing to be outside but wanting to go home.

Be you pete.



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