Riding Around West Yorkshire

15 07 2007

I am up visiting my good friend Tony this weekend and I brought my bike with me. Yesterday we went for a ride along the Leed to Liverpool canal (a 116 mile length of towpath). We didn’t dare to attempt the full 116miles so we did  8!

We passed the famous 5 rise locks and the Salt Textile Mills of  Shipley. The 5 rise locks is a series of 5 canal locks in a row and there can’t be many of them about.


I look a bit gaunt in this picture. I have just got over a chest infection which removed alot of weight from me. e.g. Here’s a picture of me from a wedding the week before.. p5210070.jpg

Andy’s entered a photo competition

2 07 2007


The Telegraph newspaper in association with Curry’s (an electrical store in the UK) are running an online photo competition.

There are 4 catagories to enter photo’s under:

Our People, Our Places, Our Events and Our Environment.

The idea being that the best photo captures a ‘moment’ which defines people/a place/an event/ or our natural environment.

I could win a DSLR!

If you get a moment, click on the links below to vote for my pics. Interestingly the votes don’t actually go towards the final result they are ‘just for enjoyment and don’t influence the result’.

Well, maybe, but if one of the judges sees a picture of mine up there and then see’s it when he’s judging them, that tiny piece of familiarality might just help me.

Go on, click now, thanks 🙂

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3 Picture 4

Picture 5 Picture 6

Picture 7 Picture 8

Picture 9 Picture 10

Picture 11 Picture 12

Photo of the day

1 07 2007