Hi Polly,

22 09 2007

hi polly,

I thought Barrow Gurney village hall sounded a wierd place to play, very local-yokal, but then I had never been there. It turned out to be a warm and atmospheric place with great acoustics. And i really do think that those seaguls hanging from the ceiling helped to set a nice tone in an otherwise quite angular, local, village hall….no, really!


I was so pleased to meet you tonight. I have listened to and loved your music for a few years now and have looked forward to seeing you live for so long. Tonight you blew me away with your music, a great mix of alternate tuning songwriting and vocal emotion, just incredible, thanks.


For all those who haven’t seen Polly, or should I say, seen how her audience reacts to her it’s fascinating. The whole lot of us were all spellbound, i think we all forgot to start clapping at the end of one of the songs because we were too lost in the music!

I hope you come back to Bristol soon.






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