26 08 2009

Thoughts give you ideas to follow, feelings tell you where to go.

If I could focus my thoughts.

26 08 2009

There is an argument for having a single focus. If I could capture all my stray thoughts into one venture I could own the world 🙂


Play the circle game (organizing your life)

18 08 2009

Buy a copy of Steve Chandler’s (link) 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever. For those people who wish for a better life, reading one page a day is a fantastic way of giving yourself a reminder in the morning of the possibilites your life could hold. It’s an inspirational speed-up 🙂

I thought I would share one of the ‘100 ways’ I read this morning. This is Number 67 ‘Play the circle game ‘.

The day to day activities of life will serve to move your focus away from your dreams of a perfect life if you let it. By incorporating this game into your daily habits you can bring your focus back to what you want it to be.

Use this for realising your dreams. By ‘realising’ I mean not only bringing them to fruition but also understanding how they are not something in the far off future but are now, in this day, in every action you take.

Here are my efforts from this morning (excuse the scrawl!).

One of my life goals  (click for larger image)

One of my life goals (click for larger image)

The idea is to draw four circles.

Label the first:

“Lifelong Dream”

Then write something into it.

For simplicity Steve Chandler uses a monetary example.

You want to, say, save half a million dollars for your retirement, write it into your circle.

Label the second “My Year”. Here you write what you need to save this year and every year (remember to include interest), in order to reach your Lifelong Dream target.

Then label the third circle “My Month”. What do you need to save this month in order to meet your yearly target. So now, half a million dollars doesn’t look so scary, you know if you that if you save XX thousands per month and repeat it, you’ll get there automatically.

Now label the fourth circle “My Day”. This is what you need to save today and could repeat every day, in order for it to be a successful month (It’s probably a much smaller number that you would imagine.)

You would need to read the book to get the proper description (and more inspirationally than I can put it over) but you get the idea.

It’s a process of goal setting but by spending 4 minutes a day reviewing this, you will keep your focus on your goals.

I have realised, for one of my lifelong dreams, ‘To be doing inspirational things everyday which will earn me $40,000 per year”, all I need to do is one inspired thing per day. Example, read an uplifting book or rss feed or listen to some great tunes.

From now on, my focus is to do one small inspirational thing per day, one medium sized one per month and one big one per year and I will actually be living an inspired life!!! Hold on, I thought an inspirational life was something I should aspire to. A life is a series of days so, no, I can actually do it right now!

100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever has so many novel ideas for keep your spirit aloft, I love it.

Happiness is like playing a game of foosball.

13 08 2009


A short while back I realised I wanted to play more table football. When I was younger I had always loved playing and I now wanted to do more of what I loved.

A happened to see an ad for a group of people who regularly played nearby so I went along. The very first meet was intimidating; new people. But trying to ignore that fear I found was actually quite a good player. Even though I was nowhere near as accomplished as the others they included me and I had a great time playing the games.

A couple of weeks later I began to lose that skill; not saving goals where I would’ve before and fluffing shots. My enthusiasm and my attendance waned.

I couldn’t understand it – surely I couldn’t be getting worse? I had enjoyed the first few times and it couldn’t be just as simple as the initial excitement wearing off, it felt more than that.

My mental task became understanding how I could return to that first night’s excitement.

One week I was in a particularly good mood and began saving goals and banging in shots. Recalling the first time I went, I suddenly realised why I had lost the interest and my enjoyment increased dramatically.

I had been playing with a lot of concentration on improving my technique, trying to do things I found I couldn’t do yet. The game isn’t about me playing at constantly trying improve my shots. But playing with – what I can only describe as – a carefree lack of abandon!

If I stop thinking how I am doing it, how much I could improve if I practiced a particular pass and instead just played the game it’s so much more exciting. The aim of the game is to score goals, why not have a shot. I know I can’t execute a perfect line pass, so just smack it up the front. If I play with good people it will more than likely all come together.

Is how I play my life similar? Is how you play your life similar?

It’s trivialising the issue to reduce the ‘problem’ to a few words but, just smack it up the front and somewhere along the way it will all come together!

This approach, is remarkably similar to the entrepreneurial spirit which many
self-help writers talk about in their work. It’s also similar to Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan (which many people use as a personal mantra) and it’s similar to the ‘fake it until you make it’ process.

So can I just ‘lose the fear and dance with life’ instead of dancing around the edges?

What could I and you personally do to make the game of life more exciting?

Keep reading my blog for all the updates.

Change of blog title

11 08 2009


For Sue

I have just been reading Pamela Stephenson’s biography on Billy Connolly.

His early life in subtle ways  reminded me of mine. It also reminded me of how much of what I do now really is just shadow play, playing with what I think I can do, rather than what I really can do.

I think in some ways, what I am doing now is a form of re-birth, a form of going back to what I perhaps should have been doing about the age of 17, testing, trying, doing small jobs to figure out who I am. Perhaps it is also a taking time to accept who I am and to understand some of my more obscure thoughts and beliefs.

At any rate, I believe I know who I am inside, but seeing through my thoughts is like coming down from a morning watch in a ships crows nest – seeing the deck, foggy below and needing to scale the complex rigging in order to get to the ground. Scary – but ultimately rewarding.

Dancing around the edges‘.

Is all this western freedom of choice a good thing?

4 08 2009

Wooden Hope

Wooden Hope

An article in the English Sunday Telegraph magazine recently, talked about a famous film and the deeper nature of its story related to todays society. This paragraph hit me as perhaps one of the reasons many people feel frustrated with their lives.

“The key to the appeal…is the way it addresses the fundamental anxieties in American culture. ‘ What the story speaks to is mastering a sense of inadequacy that’s built into the American system. In other words: you’re free to become who you want. Which is terrifying, because you have no support. This sense of can I make it, am I good enough, do I have the right stuff? [the film] is a little capitalist bliss, everything’s perfect, shiny, grand. And I think it speaks about the longing and the feeling – the hope – that we’re all right inside ourselves and can reach that.’ ”

The number one key to success…

1 08 2009

Photo by : <a href=
Photo by: Mel

What disappeared as you grew up? What happened to this as you started to listen to other people’s opinions of you? What went as society started to tell you what you should be doing with your life?

Your imagination!

Einstein said :
“Imagination is more important that knowledge.”

Einstein said that?!

One would have thought Einstein would value things the other way around. But this is from a man who worked at a patent office in order for his mind to imagine the different answers to his questions.

I have admired from afar those who knew what they wanted their life to be like when they grew up. History shows us that many of them were born into adverse circumstances and many had early experience of positive role models, people who inspired them. These people’s role models or circumstances drove them to be more than they were so they effectively imagined their way out of a situation.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
-Walt Disney

Inspiration is akin to dreams, the drive (that many of us receive only in brief moments) to DO, the drive to BE. The motivation to improve, to discover, to grow.

This is powerful stuff!

I have spent years looking for the knowledge that would allow me to find the job that I love to do, only to realise that the happiness I seek isn’t outside but within.

But how do I do this, how do I dream my future Andy?

For now, try this.

As you go to sleep at night try to get a picture in your mind of what you would like part of your life to be like. If you can’t picture your home life then try your work life, if you can’t picture your work life then picture what car you would like. Pick the easiest thing to dream about. However small this dream is, it’s a start and you can build on it.

Try that and let me know how you feel inside when you do!

Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited to all we now know… Albert Einstein