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11 08 2009


For Sue

I have just been reading Pamela Stephenson’s biography on Billy Connolly.

His early life in subtle ways  reminded me of mine. It also reminded me of how much of what I do now really is just shadow play, playing with what I think I can do, rather than what I really can do.

I think in some ways, what I am doing now is a form of re-birth, a form of going back to what I perhaps should have been doing about the age of 17, testing, trying, doing small jobs to figure out who I am. Perhaps it is also a taking time to accept who I am and to understand some of my more obscure thoughts and beliefs.

At any rate, I believe I know who I am inside, but seeing through my thoughts is like coming down from a morning watch in a ships crows nest – seeing the deck, foggy below and needing to scale the complex rigging in order to get to the ground. Scary – but ultimately rewarding.

Dancing around the edges‘.



One response

25 08 2009

Hey babe

I think we should be figuring out who we are/what we can do throughout our lives otherwise life would be very boring and should be a constant exploration. So this is not your problem just use your energy to believe in yourself, focus on one or two objectives and follow things through, if it doesn’t work, discard and focus on another. Try to forget the clouds of thoughts dragging you in opposite directions, if they are strong enough they will come back at you later when you are ready to listen to them.

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