Happiness is like playing a game of foosball.

13 08 2009


A short while back I realised I wanted to play more table football. When I was younger I had always loved playing and I now wanted to do more of what I loved.

A happened to see an ad for a group of people who regularly played nearby so I went along. The very first meet was intimidating; new people. But trying to ignore that fear I found was actually quite a good player. Even though I was nowhere near as accomplished as the others they included me and I had a great time playing the games.

A couple of weeks later I began to lose that skill; not saving goals where I would’ve before and fluffing shots. My enthusiasm and my attendance waned.

I couldn’t understand it – surely I couldn’t be getting worse? I had enjoyed the first few times and it couldn’t be just as simple as the initial excitement wearing off, it felt more than that.

My mental task became understanding how I could return to that first night’s excitement.

One week I was in a particularly good mood and began saving goals and banging in shots. Recalling the first time I went, I suddenly realised why I had lost the interest and my enjoyment increased dramatically.

I had been playing with a lot of concentration on improving my technique, trying to do things I found I couldn’t do yet. The game isn’t about me playing at constantly trying improve my shots. But playing with – what I can only describe as – a carefree lack of abandon!

If I stop thinking how I am doing it, how much I could improve if I practiced a particular pass and instead just played the game it’s so much more exciting. The aim of the game is to score goals, why not have a shot. I know I can’t execute a perfect line pass, so just smack it up the front. If I play with good people it will more than likely all come together.

Is how I play my life similar? Is how you play your life similar?

It’s trivialising the issue to reduce the ‘problem’ to a few words but, just smack it up the front and somewhere along the way it will all come together!

This approach, is remarkably similar to the entrepreneurial spirit which many
self-help writers talk about in their work. It’s also similar to Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan (which many people use as a personal mantra) and it’s similar to the ‘fake it until you make it’ process.

So can I just ‘lose the fear and dance with life’ instead of dancing around the edges?

What could I and you personally do to make the game of life more exciting?

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