Finished- Dilly the dancing dog.

16 05 2010

Dancing animals by hagerstenguy

This is designed as a picture book with one or two paragraphs per page with illustration opposite or integrated into the text. Created for younger readers.

Dilly the Dancing Dog


Dilly was a dancing dog. She danced in the morning, she danced in the evening and she always danced for fun. But no one knew she could dance.


When her owners were out she put on dancing clothes and twirled about the lounge.

But no one knew she could dance.


She danced the polka, she danced the tango and her favourite was the waltz.

But no one knew she could dance!


In her head she was a world famous dancer and came first in big competitions.

But still no one knew she could dance!


Until one day dancing a jig across the fireplace she saw a face at the window.


‘You can dance!’ the cat said.

‘Why yes I can,’ Dilly replied.

‘Would you like to meet others who can dance?’ The cat asked politely.

‘No thank you.’ said Dilly, for she was happy to dance alone.


Later that day fox-trotting across the carpet she saw two faces at the window.


‘I told you,’ said one cat to the other. ‘A dancing dog!’

‘Well I never,’ it replied, ‘lets ask it to come?’


‘Would you like to meet others who can dance?’ It asked politely.

‘No thank you,’ replied Dilly, ‘I like dancing alone.’


The next day Dilly was square dancing around the kitchen when she saw five faces at the window!


‘Would you like to come dance with us?’ One cat said.

‘Thank you, but I am happy dancing here.’ Dilly replied


The cats didn’t give up and asked her again but this time they were sly.

‘We’re missing a champion and we don’t want a fake. We think you’re really good in fact we think you’re great!’


That made Dilly feel really good. Even though she had never danced in front of anyone before she agreed to go.

‘If you really need a champion dancer then I’m your dog.’ She said


The cats thanked her and gave her an invitation.


Barn dance invitiation

Where – The barn behind the pet store, four lawns past the end of the garden

When – Today, just before the sun goes down.

The cats



Just before the sun went down dilly set off for the barn. It was the first time that she would dance in front of people and it made her nervous.


Dilly arrived and pushed open the door. Inside she saw a large crowd of cats all dancing to music.


One walked up to her and thanked her for coming.

‘My name is Sally. We are not very good, will you show us how to dance?’ She asked.

Dilly felt nervous. ‘No one has ever seen me dance before.’ She said.

Sally was kind and said ‘Well we have and we think you are great, what do you say?’

This made Dilly happy and she agreed to dance.


All night Dilly danced and danced and danced some more.

She showed them the polka, the tango, the waltz and the jig.


Then she showed them the foxtrot, the square dance and even one she had made up!

All the cats thought she was very good and miowwed loudly every time she finished a dance.


Finally it was time to go. Sally thanked her for coming and said they had all learned a lot.

‘In fact,’ Sally asked, ‘Will you come back and teach us more?’

Dilly was so happy

‘I would love to.’ She said and really meant it.


Dilly walked back to her house feeling very happy.

(Do you notice who’s following her?)

When she arrived home she heard a little ‘mioww’ behind her.


‘Excuse me, can I have your autograph?’ It was a little kitten who had followed her from the barn.


Dilly dipped her paw in the mud and placed it on the book held by the kitten.

‘Thank you!’ The kitten nervously miowwed and ran off back to the barn.


It was the end of a long day and Dilly lay down on her favourite rug.

It was warm and cuddly and made her feel good. ‘I like dancing with others’ she thought and fell fast asleep.




2 responses

18 05 2010

Aah! Lovely! What a warm, cuddly story. I love it!

26 05 2010

Awh, thats so lovely! I really want to be Dilly 😀 Or to at least HAVE a Dilly 😛 Let me know when you get it published, and I’ll try sort you out at Waterstones 😉


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