Proof of a possible new business card design

8 07 2010

I have used to come up with this design for my new business card. It’s a V-fold card with print on all sides.

Front and Back

Business Card, Bee, 1


What do you think?




2 responses

14 07 2010

Andy, the design doesn’t tie with anything you have written already, or with an image that you may want to get out in the public domain. Unless of course, you want to be thought of as a singular flower!

What about giving Dilly a persona and some character and having that on the card?

Could be a lot more noticeable and definitely more memorable than a flower and a bee! Looks more like a card for a gardener!

14 07 2010

Hmm, yeah I’d not thought of it like that! 🙂 And looking back at it with fresh eyes, it may be a card more suitable for an illustrator than a writer. Thanks 🙂

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