Note: inventing my chapters, when is best.

21 10 2010

Re my new book project.  I came up with the second chapter whilst lying in bed.  I Wonder if I can do this with the characters as well or perhaps I should write them down, develop their characters on paper first?

One things for sure though, it will be interesting lying in bed coming up with the next chapters at night. In fact that could easily help me fall asleep. Sort of like a reverse morning pages*.  I am inspiring myself before I go asleep. The next chapter could be born before I wake. I need not let the next days writing be a chore of invention because I have already invented it. I like this idea. It worked last night let’s see if it works in the future. Will test.

*’morning pages’ – a concept written about recently in Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artists Way’ (not solely I might add as Dorothea Brande wrote on it in the 1930’s).

Billy and the lost number picture book

5 10 2010

The second story post of the day!

Below you will find Billy and The Lost Number. Another picture book story from Andy’s growing stable of stories.

But before that,  a note on how to help yourself write or create, more.

If any of you are budding writers or creative people without a space of your own I urge you to look into getting one. Find out about the studio spaces in your local area.The sense of personal freedom and inspiration you can feel is brilliant, especially if you work around other creative people. It really feels like you are at work, but in the most wonderful way. 😀

For the following story the picture ideas are in the parentheses.

Pictures by Judi_* , Hammotime and Yan San, from Flickr.

Billy and the Lost Number

Billy woke up one day feeling funny. Something was wrong and he didn’t know what.
[Picture 1]

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Holly The Day Dreamer Picture book

5 10 2010

Hi All,

Here’s a new format for my Holly Daydreamer story, inspired by the Oliver Jeffers range of picture books.

I have designed it in a picture book format. You will find the picture descriptions at the base of the post. You could either read them at the same time as the text or just read the text straight through however after the first few lines the pictures do much of the explaining of what’s going on.

If oyu have any comments on the flow of the story I would appreciate it. The pictures and sentences become more complex as you get further into the book but does this take away from the story, should they it be a similar style right from the beginning?

Thanks for looking.

Holly daydreaming champion of the world

Holly Doorway

Holly Dorway

Once there was a girl who loved daydreaming very much.
[Picture 1]

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