Billy and the lost number picture book

5 10 2010

The second story post of the day!

Below you will find Billy and The Lost Number. Another picture book story from Andy’s growing stable of stories.

But before that,  a note on how to help yourself write or create, more.

If any of you are budding writers or creative people without a space of your own I urge you to look into getting one. Find out about the studio spaces in your local area.The sense of personal freedom and inspiration you can feel is brilliant, especially if you work around other creative people. It really feels like you are at work, but in the most wonderful way. 😀

For the following story the picture ideas are in the parentheses.

Pictures by Judi_* , Hammotime and Yan San, from Flickr.

Billy and the Lost Number

Billy woke up one day feeling funny. Something was wrong and he didn’t know what.
[Picture 1]

He wasn’t feeling ill, his mum could see that in the way he gobbled up his breakfast.
[Picture 2]

He hadn’t forgotten to do his homework. The Easter bunny picture was all ready for him to take to school.
[Picture 3]

Everything seemed o.k. He couldn’t work it out!
[Picture 4]

Now, Billy loved counting and counted everything.
[Picture 5]

Yesterday there were twelve eggs still left in their cardboard box.
[Picture 6]

There were five plants on the kitchen window sill.
[Picture 7]

There were two parcels for the post office by the front door.
[Picture 8]

And today there were three chairs at the table. Hold on thats not right. He counted again. One, two, three chairs. Oh dear!
[Picture 9]

He tried again and again but he couldn’t count all the chairs at the table!
Can you see how many there are?
[Picture 10]

So he tried counting something else.
Outside he counted the rose bushes.
[Picture 11]

Oh no! This could only mean one thing. Billy had lost his number 4!
[Picture 12]

Billy searched everywhere.
[Picture 13]

Even on top of his wardrobe!
[Picture 14]

But it was nowhere to be found.
[Picture 15]

He spoke to his mum and he spoke to his dad. But they didn’t know!
[Picture 16]

He spoke to his grandma. She didn’t know.
[Picture 17]

He even asked the cat. It didn’t answer. How rude!
[Picture 18]

The next day he went to see if his friend knew.
[Picture 19]

His friends baby sister was playing with her toys.
[Picture 20]

Billy had some just like it but something was missing.
[Picture 21]

[Picture 22]

He ran home in such a rush
[Picture 23]

He had an idea what had happened to his missing number.
[Picture 24]

And he knew just where to find it.
[Picture 25]

Grabbing hold of something squidgy, he pulled it out.
[Picture 26]

[Picture 27]


**Pictures index….**

1 [Billy, oval faced red curly hair freckles sitting up in bed looking confused. Cat skulking in the background]

2 [Billy gobbling up breakfast furiously. Cat skulking in the background]

3 [picture of hallway looking towards front door, bunny pic hanging up by the front door boy standing back looking at it. Cat skulking in the background]

4 [bust of Billy looking confused, cat skulking in the background]

5 [picture of billy counting sausages on a plate]

6 [picture of twelve eggs in box on top of fridge , billy climbing on a chair to count them]

7 [picture of five plants on the windowsill, lovely garden outside, billy counting them]

8 [picture of front door with two parcels by the side]

9 [picture of billy with back to us. finger out counting four chairs at kitchen table]

10 [bust of lost looking billy]

11 [off center pic of Billy with his finger out, counting four rose bushes, cat sulking in background]

12 [Billy pic, realisation dawns, fear and confusion on face]

13 [picture of billy looking under his bed, cat content dozing on top of bed]

14 [picture from ground of little boy far up on top of wardrobe with binoculars and a hand peaked over his eyes, like an adventurer looking for treasure, cat somewhere skulking in pic]

15 [Billy trudging along landing looking disconsolate cat following]

16 [Picture from a low angle behind a boy with arms out looking up to his mum towering over him a few feet away. Mum and dad shrugging]

17 [picture of grandma on the telephone shrugging]

18 [picture of billy asking the cat, asleep]

19 [picture of billy at friends door asking to come in]

20 [young child playing with foam hopscotch numbers on floor]

21 [picture of foam hopscotch number set on floor in billy’s house with number four missing]

22 [picture of billy’s surprised face, the words ‘ahaha’ coming from his mouth]

23 [picture of billy running off down the path with friend scratching head in background]

24 [picture of cat curled up looking mischievous]

25 [top down picture of cat walking up garden to a secret place. carrying something?]

26 [side on view of billy reaching behind bush with left hand. Face turned towards reader, tongue out concentrating. Sign popping out from bush ‘cats fave spot keep out’.

27 [picture of billy hands aloft holding a foam number four. Cat skulking away in background].


Ideas for the illustrations in parentheses [ ]

Judi_*’s flickr page (some lovey photos here)
Hammotime’s flickr page
Yan San’s flickr page



2 responses

5 11 2010

Like the style of this book – it’s very readable and kids will love it. You should have a look at ‘My Dad’s a Birdman.’ Think it will be right up your street. Keep at the children’s story writing – being a published kids’ author will be a great career for you.

5 11 2010

P.S. Going to recommend your blog to my followers on Twitter!

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