Holly The Day Dreamer Picture book

5 10 2010

Hi All,

Here’s a new format for my Holly Daydreamer story, inspired by the Oliver Jeffers range of picture books.

I have designed it in a picture book format. You will find the picture descriptions at the base of the post. You could either read them at the same time as the text or just read the text straight through however after the first few lines the pictures do much of the explaining of what’s going on.

If oyu have any comments on the flow of the story I would appreciate it. The pictures and sentences become more complex as you get further into the book but does this take away from the story, should they it be a similar style right from the beginning?

Thanks for looking.

Holly daydreaming champion of the world

Holly Doorway

Holly Dorway

Once there was a girl who loved daydreaming very much.
[Picture 1]

Every night she dreamed of being a world champion daydreamer.
[Picture 2]

The girl dreamed of people wanting her autograph.
[Picture 3]

She even daydreamed of talking on the radio and television.
[Picture 4]

The girl made her mind up. She was going to become famous for her daydreaming.

So the next day she went to a television studio. Perhaps she could go on a TV show. [Picture 5]

The girl spoke to the guard at the gate. She spoke to a man who made television programs and she even spoke to an actor. But everyone she spoke to laughed at her idea.
[Picture 6 & 7]

Later that day the girl tried calling a radio station. But no one was interested in talking to her.
[Picture 8]

She liked watching sports on television. Perhaps she could become an Olympic daydreamer.
[Picture 9]

So she stayed up late and used her computer. But there was no Olympic champion daydreamer.
The girl felt very sad.
[Picture 10]

One day feeling sad she looked out from her window and saw crowds of children.
[Picture 11]

The girl ran outside.
[Picture 12 & 13]

She ran to get some food and drink and her backpack.
[Picture 14 & 15]

They walked a long way and eventually reached a very large tent.
[Picture 16]

The tent seemed to grow larger as they got closer then they saw the entrance.
[Picture 17]

The girl walked inside and a lady asked her name.
[Picture 18]

She was told to sit in one of the hundreds of comfy chairs.
[Picture 19]

She sat down. Just then an announcement sounded.
[Picture 20 & 21]

The girl looked around. There was a person from Alaska over there, a person from Texas in America over there and one from France next to her.

This was definitely a world championship!
[Picture 22]

The tannoy said..
[Picture 23]

This is what she daydreamed about.
[Picture 24]

Suddenly there was loud sound from the tannoy.
[Picture 25]

The girl told the judges about her dream.
[Picture 26]

Soon they announced the winners.
[Picture 27]

The little girl was nervous. How well would she do?
[Picture 28]

They read out loads and loads of names but non were hers. The names kept coming and coming but she wasn’t there.
[Picture 29]

Just then she heard a name called out. And then clapping.
They didn’t read out any more. She waited but no more names came.
[Picture 30]

Someone whispered in her ear.
[Picture 31]

The little girl had won. The judges loved her daydream best of all.
[Picture 32]

She was daydreaming champion of the world.
[Picture 33]

[Closing page pictures]


1 [Top down picture of little girl lying on grass in the sun with sun glasses on daydreaming with a content look on her face]

2 [Picture of little girl lying on her side in bed dreaming of winning a trophy]

3 [Picture of the girl surrounded by people asking her for her autograph]

4  [Picture of her being interviewed on TV]

5  [Picture of little girl with backpack striding along purposefully, with cuddly toy popping out of pack]

6  [Smaller inset pictures of a guard at a gate looking quizzical….producer looking quizzical etc..]

7  [Smaller inset pictures of people laughing (harshly or kindly?)]

8  [Picture of little girl on landline telephone, mouth open as talking]

9  [Picture of little girl in armchair avidly watching (as if in spired) summer Olympics]

10 [Picture of little girl on computer, tounge out, searching internet]

11  [Picture of little girl sitting on a stool/standing on some books looking out of a window, outside are crowds of kids]

12  [Small picture of little girl running down some stairs]

13   [Picture of the little girl asking ‘what’s happening’ a boy with a bag, answers, out of his mouth comes the words, there is a day dreaming competition going on]

14   [Small picture of girl in hallway grabbing a backpack off the floor with one hand (cuddly toy popping out) and holding a bottle of water in the other, looking precarious]

15   [Then a small picture of her running up the garden path to join the distant group]

16   [Picture from behind of a small group of children looking across a large green field with a huge red and white striped tent in the distance…if we can see them, huge open mouths from the kids]

17  [View from grass level of the girl looking up at the huge tent with “First World Champion Dreaming Competition” on a banner above entrance. The words “Gulp!” coming out of the girls mouth]

18  [Picture of a official teacher-y looking lady asking her name with a clipboard]

19  [Smaller picture of a finger pointing to a distant arm chair]

20  [Picture of a tannoy horn on the side of the tent out of which is coming the words…. “Girls and boys you have one hour to dream your best dream and then tell us what happened”. The most interesting dream becomes world champion dreamer”]

[Picture of worried looking girls face “Double gulp” coming out of her mouth]

[Small pictures of an Alaskan, a Texan and a Parisian]

[Picture of tannoy saying “go”]

[Full page complex picture of her riding a big fluffy white dragon (think neverending story) with other people on smaller normal dragons. Below is a green landscape, trees, streams, hedges, clouds, castles, princesses]

[Picture of the little girl startled sitting in the arm chair, tannoy in background saying
“stop” and the daydream disappearing “poof” into thin air above her head]

[A group of sequential small pictures of little girl from behind recounting her adventurous dream. In each picture her arms are doing different things and in the odd one she is standing on one leg balancing, standing on her hands. In each picture the judges mouth gets steadily more and more open wide]

[Picture of children standing with their backs to us as judge on lectern reads out names from a long piece of paper]

[Small picture of the girl chewing her finger nails looking nervous]

[A confused looking little girl, surrounded by slightly bored looking kids with in the background a judge reading out names from a long piece of paper, names flowing out of his mouth]

[Picture of everyone clapping and looking around for someone to put their hand up, little girl standing in the middle looking around wondering who it was]

[Picture of shocked looking little girl with adult bending down whispering in her ear ‘you’ve won’]

[Picture of judge coming down to her and pinning a rosette to her chest, little girl looks down as he does

[Little girl standing on stage holding a cup up above her head audience applauding]

[Follow up smaller images post end of story on one page of her on radio shows and tv shows smiling and talking about her daydreams]



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