Do something for you..

1 11 2010

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Hi Guys,

If you wake up feeling down the chances are that emotion will rule the rest of your day.

I had a period in my life where I felt my life was being defined by someone other than me, every single day.

I would wake up feeling down, and trudge into work with no personal empowerment whatsoever. I think this happens a lot in this world, especially as the demands of work seem to increase year by year.

Your boss/kids/dog/mother/wife/ does NOT rule your life, YOU do. You may need to attend to their needs soon but who has the right to say you have to do that first.

For me, if I feel down as soon as I wake up, first thing, before anything else, I get my hands on something inspirational. I read, listen to music, think about some happy time the night before. Anything which makes me feel that what I have done is just for me.

This changes the way I view my place in life.

To understand how this works, consider this….All emotions are just energy passing through you. You can change those emotions by doing or thinking of something which makes you feel better.

So if you feel down when you wake, help yourself out, do yourself a favor..

Read a book/Listen to a good tune/Laugh/Tickle your baby whatever it takes and no matter how short the time (even just 2 minutes)…

Do something for YOURSELF – before you do something for anyone else.





4 responses

1 11 2010

I also find expressing gratitude for things I appreciate and setting an intention for a positive day are helpful


2 12 2010

I haven’t been on this website for some time.. mainly because I forgot I had an account with it.. And then, some 10 minutes ago, I looked into my bookmark history, out of pure boredom more than anything, and wham! Here it is. WordPress. And then I remember that you, Sir, have a thingy on here, so I took a quick visit.. (I say quick, but really I’m still a noob on here, so it took some time..) to your page.

And what I read in your post was exactly what I needed at this moment in time.
So thanks Andy 🙂


7 04 2013

I know this is an old blog entry, but i have to say i agree with and can attest to the fact that it works, having recently quit my J.O.B.

I find having a positive affirmation that you recite at the start of the day

12 07 2013

Still as true today as it was when I wrote it 🙂

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