Riding Around West Yorkshire

15 07 2007

I am up visiting my good friend Tony this weekend and I brought my bike with me. Yesterday we went for a ride along the Leed to Liverpool canal (a 116 mile length of towpath). We didn’t dare to attempt the full 116miles so we didย  8!

We passed the famous 5 rise locks and the Salt Textile Mills ofย  Shipley. The 5 rise locks is a series of 5 canal locks in a row and there can’t be many of them about.


I look a bit gaunt in this picture. I have just got over a chest infection which removed alot of weight from me. e.g. Here’s a picture of me from a wedding the week before.. p5210070.jpg

Trip to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

18 03 2007

Swanny I took a trip down to the lovely Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands trust, here are the pics I captured.

The WWT is a conservation exercise set up….

“in 1946, when Sir Peter Scott realised how many thousands of geese depended on the shores of the Severn Estuary.
Today with its award-winning visitor centre overlooking nationally and internationally protected wetlands, this world famous site is an important wintering area for migrating waterbirds such as Bewick’s Swans and houses WWT’s species conservation programme.”

For those of a photographic bent, they are all taken at 28mm with my Ricoh GRD.

Link to the Photos

(when viewing these photos, please use a colour aware browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari. If Firefox, Camino or Mozilla is used their colours will appear washed out).

Ahh, Skiing in La Plagne, French Alps I have just …

25 01 2007

Ahh, Skiing in La Plagne, French Alps

I have just returned from a skiing trip with some good friends. It’s only taken 3 years since Canada! Why so long, well money mostly. However it just makes it all the sweeter. I came back and wanted to go again and I am already planning the next trip in 2008.

You can see my general SkiPics folder at my Flickr Ski Pages

Two pictures from a trip up to Damian’s Birt…

28 12 2006

Two pictures from a trip up to Damian’s Birthday party in Islington, London. None of the event itself I was too busy chatting ๐Ÿ™‚

Ahh, Mount Washington, Canada.

Remember I went there to instruct 3 christmas’ ago? Well I am dreaming of it again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Already they have some great snow whereas Europe as practically none. I am going skiing at La Plagne in France on Jan 13th and unless it snowswe will be skiing on rocks.I wonder whether I can afford to fly over there (Canada) for a weeks skiing. I can stay with a friend. So tempting.

Mount Washington WebCams

now compare that with

La Plagne WebCams

as of 28th Dec, it’s Barren!

Top o’the Mountain

15 08 2006

The fresh flurrys of drifted snow prickle my face like sea spray as I walk to the edge to begin my controlled slide (technical term you know!) to the bottom.

What was it about ski instructing I disliked? I felt really good doing it and proud to come back to tell all my friends. Felt really happy, a different person, healthy and fit too.

But it became frustrating. What with the dark morning early starts and non-stop lessons, it was very restricting. I felt controlled, and, I was. I had no say in what lessons I took, no say in how many a day I did, I was paid by the lesson…no work, then no money. Towards the end I started to turn down the lessons when I could, just to rest and relax.

I said to myself at the end of it all, I would love to do it at weekends but all week, sometimes 6 days…more than i wanted to handle.

You know what? Its the same job as with photography. Huh? You may remark.
Well, it is exactly the same situation, the same customers, the same kids (and doing the same thing with them), the same controlled work schedule.

But it’s not exactly the same surely? No, the ONLY differences are,
– no early starts
– it’s not outdoors
– I am teaching kids how to sit still, not move in the right way!!

So I seem to be attracted to these low paying controlling jobs!

But they do give me change, variety, experiences and people contact. Perhaps I need some work which is self-controlling huh?!!!! And perhaps I need work which provides the opportunity to travel, variety of experiences, people contact and change.

I have been thinking again about Counselling again. Long term, with the aim of doing overseas work, perhaps for charities, the UN or some other aid agency. This work is more in need since the climatic troubles ‘began’ e.g. the Tsunami.
Other than that, SLT, Speech Language Therapy, Mentoring, Coaching are another ideas I am working on.

I got the real urge last night, to setup a Charity, helping young kids to discover the work of their dreams whilst still at school. In my experience the limited experiences of their parental situations and friends cannot provide the inspiration and exposure they need. MY work experience was 2 weeks at an office filing paper. How useful is THAT. Man it makes me mad.

Building up the information base and confidence is now the order of the day. If I have that, I can make an informed decision and move forward, instead of shifting sideways again.

I had an email through the other day. ‘Workers required for US and CA ski fields , Season 2006/7’ Hmmmmm, I am tempted!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Tintern Abbey

15 05 2006

Had a lovely weekend with a friend in Hereford, great weather too…

On the way back i drove past the slightly eerie Tintern Abbey, knocked apart by Mr K H the 8th sometime around 1536? What a plonker.

It jumps out at you when you come round a bend in the road, much like the Reichstag did to me in Berlin. Large old buildings in the middle of somewhere you weren’t expecting them to be!

Berlin Double Decker

11 05 2006

P1000759, originally uploaded by Ski Pro Photo Guy.

Ahh, the life on the upper deck. Of course as brits we went straight upstairs ๐Ÿ™‚