Dilly is now available for sale.

7 06 2010

Dilly front cover

Dilly the dancing dog has now been put on the
Lulu.com online publishing site.

For all the lovely people who wish to buy a
download copy for you or a friend, for the
princely sum of £0 it can be yours 🙂

Yup, it’s free!

To get to the download page click on the
picture to the left, or on the link below..

Buy Dilly

Happy Reading 🙂

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Finished- Dilly the dancing dog.

16 05 2010

Dancing animals by hagerstenguy

This is designed as a picture book with one or two paragraphs per page with illustration opposite or integrated into the text. Created for younger readers.

Dilly the Dancing Dog


Dilly was a dancing dog. She danced in the morning, she danced in the evening and she always danced for fun. But no one knew she could dance.


When her owners were out she put on dancing clothes and twirled about the lounge.

But no one knew she could dance.

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