PSP Game Review: Jungle Party

13 12 2010

The award winning Buzz! Junior Jungle Party series arrives on the Sony PSP and aside from a few minor niggles does not disappoint.

The game has been around on other Sony systems since 2006 and in 2007 achieved an award in Britain for the best children’s video game. This PSP version continues in the same vein.

For those of you not familiar with these types of games they are specifically designed to be played by groups of people. In this case groups of children – although adults will enjoy playing along as well. The colors, sounds, humor and simplicity of the game reflect this focus.

Up to four players each take the role of a monkey and compete against each other in a series of cheekily humorous mini-games. The range of these is rather impressive and parents will like the fact…..

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Do what you love without pay until someone offers it.

6 08 2010

“Write without pay until someone offers to pay. ”

-Mark Twain

Ahh yes, sound advice indeed. Until the world hears what you have to offer, how can they offer you anything? Interestingly completely the opposite of the typical work scenario. There, you go looking for work in an area you can offer benefit. Rather than in the Mark Twain comment, wait for people to come to you.

Taken from ‘s latest newsletter.

Dilly the dancing dog

6 05 2010

{This is designed as a picture book with one paragraph per page with illustration opposite or integrate into the text. Designed for younger readers}

Dilly the dancing dog

Dilly was a dancing dog. She danced in the morning, she danced in the evening and she always danced for fun.

But no-one knew she could dance.

She danced the polka, she danced the tango and her favorite was the waltz.

But no-one knew she could dance.

When her owners were out she put on dancing clothes and twirled about the lounge.

But no-one knew she could dance.

In her head she was a world famous dancer and came first in big competitions.

But still no one knew she could dance!

Until one day dancing a jig across the fireplace she saw a face at the window.

‘You can dance!’ the cat said.

‘Why yes i can,’ Dilly replied.

‘Would you like to meet others who can dance?’ The cat asked politely.

‘No thank you,’ said Dilly for she was happy to dance alone.

Later that day fox-trotting across the carpet she saw two faces at the window.

‘I told you,’ said one cat to the other.
‘A dancing dog, well i never,’ it replied.

‘Would you like to meet others who can dance?’ It asked politely.

‘No thank you,’ replied Dilly, ‘I like dancing alone.’

{Unfinished section involving a cat barn dance and Dilly the dog}

Dilly lay down on her favorite rug. ‘I like dancing with others,’ she thought to herself and fell fast asleep.