Finished Stage 1 Kinesiology

12 04 2007

Kinesiology Training, Oxford

I recently finished stage one of an alternative therapy called Health Kinesiology.It was a two weekend course up in Oxford (group picture above), so finishing at College and heading straight up there gave me a very busy two weeks. No time for rest! I had a really interesting time and it was very emotionally and physically exhausting. Save for the work I am doing at college I probably haven’t had to pack that much into my brain since university.Want to know more about it? Read on…..

Traditionally the term ‘Kinesiology’ describes the scientific study of human movement and as you can imagine it is concerned with the skeletal and muscular systems.

Health Kinesiology could be more accurately described as diagnostic kinesiology or ‘applied’ kinesiology. Essentially it uses one or more muscles in the body to help diagnose imbalances in the body’s energy systems.

These imbalances tend to cause a variety of physical, psychological and emotional problems and using Health Kinesiology’s non-invasive techniques and tools, the body can be rebalanced and in effect ‘re-programmed’ to deal with these stressors more positively and accurately.

I know you will want to find out more and I need guinea pigs. If you would like to have some work done on you drop me an email.

andymax1 at

More information on what a session involves can be found here and at the Q&A page on the same site :



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