Poem – ‘To be me’

29 11 2007



To Be Me

To be me is to be curious,
all different, complex,
a multitude of people
all fighting at once.

A teacher, a counselor, a mediator, a priest,
a poet, a writer, a cooker of feasts.

A Crystal, an Indigo, an I.N.F.P.,
a Da Vinci, a Star Child, a bringer of peace,
a learner, a wiseman, a passer of trade
of knowledge from ancients most recently betrayed.

I bring you an answer, a truth for our time,
the facts that you need are buried inside.
To show it, to heal it needs
a measure of trust,
friends who honor you,
not grind you to dust.

Some time spent in solitary
to be who you are.
Some time spent on purpose
to discover your star.

But don’t listen to me to
tell you your answer,
be curious and hopeful,
grow up and be a life dancer.

By Andrew Maxwell
Published in the 2006/2007 Filton College yearbook




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